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Monday, November 5, 2007

Favorite Holiday

What is your favorite holiday and why?


Anonymous said...

I like Halloween the best because I like the fall when the trees change color and the air is cool. I like wearing a costume, going trick-or-treating, the party at school and all the scary stuff. I like eating the canndy too.

Jamie 9

Anonymous said...

I like Christmas because that is when you get the most presents.

Ted 7

Anonymous said...

I like my birthday the best because it is the whole day just for me. I don't have to go to school on my birthday and I get to do whatever I want. I get to have a fun party with my friends.


Susan B. said...

Of all the holidays of the year, I love christmas best because it's full of surprises and presents. Wherever you go people make things look pretty and sparkly and they're always baking some holiday treat to sample.

Anonymous said...

I like the 4th of July the best. Mt birthday is on July 4th, so I always have it off from school and my parents have it off from work. We have a big B-B-Q in the yard and everyone in the family comes, my grandparents and cousins and everyone. After cake, ice cream and presents, I get to have fireworks on my birthday.

Skyboy 10

Susan B. said...

Christmas is my favorite time of all the holidays. Pretty lights are everywhere and everything looks beautiful. Presents are really fun to get too!

Anonymous said...

I like Christmas because I like the snow and the decorations and the music. Everybody is in a happy mood at Christmas.